Welcome to the "Support" page of Video Eva.  

Here on this page we have outlined the "obvious" problems and the solutions, such as playback or general member issues that may occur, plus we have a ticket system that will hopefully resolve any issues not covered below, please allow up to 24hrs for a reply although most replies are dealt within 12hrs or less. 


Please take a few moments to read this important notice detailing exactly how our site works in relation to purchasing and using minutes. You can purchase minutes in several varying amounts that range from a minimum of 60 minutes, up to a maximum of 1000minutes. Your minutes to do start to be used until you hit the "Play" button and stop as soon as you stop viewing your chosen scene or film. Each 'bundle' of minutes you purchase will only be valid for a 12 month (1 Calendar Year) period from the date of purchase. If you do not use up all of your purchased minutes within this 12month period these minutes will 'expire' - BUT DON'T WORRY, they are not gone forever or lost. When you buy more minutes from Video Eva, any unused minutes from the previous 12 months (your original purchase) WILL be 'reactivated' and therefore added to the total number of minutes available on your account/membership.

Here is an example:

 - You purchase 60mins of viewing time.

 - Over the course of 12 months you actually use up 50mins of time.

 - Once 12months have passed, the remaining unused 10mins will now been deemed as 'expired' for this 12 month period.

 - You then purchase an additional 60mins of time.

 - The 'expired' mins from your first purchase are now 'reactivated' and ADDED to your total, meaning you would now have 70mins available to use over the next 12month period.


Firstly for the playback of the videos here on this site you will need a Flash Player always make sure you have the latest version of this player to get the maximum quality from our streams. You can do this by either using the link above or just right click on the moving thumbs or the playback of the move and then click About Adobe Flash Player this will take you to the free upgrade or download of adobe's flash player.

Please also use the bandwidth checker on the site to determine which stream will best suit your internet connection, as if you are trying to stream a 1mbps stream with a 256kbps connection all that will result is a bad quality and stuttering video which is not going to be a good experience for you. We have three types of streams to accommodate each users connection and with many using broadband the quality of the full screen play back of the 1mbps stream is going to leave you quite excited I am sure, but be sure to check your connection Here

This site supports 99% of browsers and Operating Systems including Mac users, however if un-sure please try our Sample page for a test of your flash video playback capabilities.

For any "Login" issues such as lost details etc, or "Billing" questions please use support ticket system below.

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