Bizarre Rubber Piss Baby


Matron, Patient AB.


Bondage, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Oral, Watersports


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Our resident Rubber Adult Baby Patient AB. loves nothing more than a Heavy Rubber piss session dressed as a Rubber Baby! A Transparent Rubber dressed Matron has left the Rubber Dolly Hooded Patient under a transparent Rubber Sheet as she re-enters the clinic and inspects her Piss Baby check under her Rubber Popper Pants that Patient AB. has on exposing her naked cunt!

A Rubber mittened AB. tries to wank herself through her Rubber Mittens, but Matron stops her and inserts a glass Dildo! Watch as Matron fucks her Rubber Hooded Adult Baby on the Rubber Sheeted piss bed!!! then watches as her Rubber Piss Baby wets herself all over the Rubber bed, she has also fucks her with a glass Dildo! and now it's time for a sponge down in her own Piss!

Patient AB. groans under her Rubber Hood as Matron lifts up her Rubber Smock and Rubber Pants to sponger her all over in her own urine... After giving her Rubber Smocked adult baby a piss soaked Rubber Bed bath, Matron decides to cuddle up next to her Rubber Hooded piss baby and let her suck on my huge Latex covered breasts while she strokes her Rubber Cock! Then it's time to fuck this Rubber Slut! But for now we cuddle up in Piss and Rubber!

Covered in each other's Piss, Matron and Patient AB. start their Wet Rubber Fucking as Matron lays back in the Latex Bed while a Rubber Hooded AB. lifts up her Frilly Rubber Smock and plants her wet pussy down hard on Matrons Rubber Strap On Cock! These two then fuck as they slip and slide around the Piss Soaked Rubber Bed... They finish off their Bizarre Rubber session with Patient AB. pissing all over Matron's Rubber Cock and they fall in to a Piss soaked Rubber heap on the wet clinic bed...

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