Clinic Clips Film 10


Matron, Patient J, Patient DD. & Patient RH.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, Fucking, Female Domination, Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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Patient J. has been left in the Clinic all on her own by Matron while she deals with another Patient in the other room... Dressed in a Black Rubber Top and Long Rubber Skirt she look like a Rubber Doll with her Hood and wig on! It's not long before she starts her Rubber Piss Games!!! Filling her china bed pan with her stream of hot wet Piss J. once done, places the pan on the Rubber Bed beside her and grabs a Rubber Cock that is on the trolley nearby...

Squatting over the metal stool she slams her pissy wet pussy with it, fucking herself hard, slamming her pissy wet pussy with a long Rubber Cock, a Rubber Doll like Patient J. uses the metal stool to get as much pressure as possible to get the cock in hard and deep and fast! Having an Orgasm on the spot she pulls out the Rubber cock and tosses it on the floor where she then Pisses all over it before walking out of The Rubber Clinic... 

If you like Golden Showers hard and full of Rubber sex action, this clip is definitely for you as Matron and Patient DD. take it turn to piss on each other! First is Matron who lays on the floor and opens her mouth to take a Full Face of Hot Piss!! Then Matron stands over DD. and opens her piss flaps and Rubber Bloomers to piss all over DD’s cunt and Rubber Top! Un-missable 100% Exclusive Piss Sex Action!!! Still entwined in their Rubber embrace slipping and sliding around in the wet Latex that Patient DD. has pissed all over It’s  now Matrons turn as she pulls up over DD. and pisses all over her Rubber Corset and Catsuit as she rubs the warm wet Piss in to her pussy...

Walking in to the piss treatment room of the clinic Matron and Patient DD. find a Inflatable Anaesthesia Hooded rubber piss slave waiting in the empty piss bath! So sitting on the edge of the bath Matron and DD. piss all over the rubber piss slut covering him in their warm wet piss! Having pissed all over RH's Rubber Catsuit and Inflatable Rubber Anesthesia Hood they let him wank in the piss bath as Matron bends Patient DD. over the bath and fucks her hard and deep in a great Rubber Strap-On session! Once Matron has fucked her Patient to a wet finish they stroll back out of the clinic hand in hand...

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SCENE 800:09:23