Double Patient Torment


Matron, Patient Y. Patient RH.


Anal, Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, Catheters, Double Penetration, Enema's, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Ass to Mouth, Oral, Watersports


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This wet Kinky Clinic film is split in to two parts as we join Matron and her two Rubber Piss Sluts, Patients RH. and Y. in matching Black Rubber and Gyno chairs… A Rubber Gas Masked and Hooded RH. Is first to be catheterized! He can’t see but can feel his cock being invaded as Matron slides the catheter down his hard cock! Next its Patient Y. she is getting a double balloon catheter up the Ass and then  a urine catheter up her pussy and in to her bladder…

Watch as Matron drinks her piss from the tube!!!  Matron takes a full bag of piss and pours it over her face and head as she licks Y’s pussy… Not leaving out RH, she goes over and brings him close to an orgasm as she also pours the piss over her Rubber Hooded face while sucking on his catheterized Cock! Next its time to get these two Rubber Patients in to their respective Rubber Beds within the Clinic ward! Matron makes Y. give RH. a blow job! Y. can’t resist drinking his piss also, so Matron decides to climb on top of them both and Pisses straight in to Y’s mouth soaking her as she sucks cock…

This non-stop Bizarre Rubber piss frenzy comes to a spunk filled finish for RH. As he shoots his load over both Y’s and Matrons faces… Matron however hasn’t finished with Y. as she takes her back to her bed and spreads her Rubber Catsuited legs open wide so she can fuck her hard with a large Rubber Strap-On Cock! Watch as Y’s pussy gets pounded quite literally! A great finish to this very wet and wild film! You have been warned…

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SCENE 900:08:32