Gagged Clamped Piss Fuck


Matron & Patient AB


Bondage, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Gas Mask, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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Matron has already plugged Patient AB's pussy with a Solid Rubber Plug as she lays motionless on the clinic's operating table under her Transparent Rubber Sheet... Dressed in her long Rubber Surgeons Gown and Rubber Gasmask Matron plays with AB. through the Rubber sheet before pulling it off her and exposing her to us!!! With her Metal Jennings Gag firmly inside her mouth, Patient AB. is being Rubber Plug fucked by Matron as she lays over her on the operating table... AB. gets her hands between Matrons Rubber clad thighs and sliding her Rubber Gloved fingers inside Matrons pussy she starts fucking her deep and hard!!! After having her pussy full of AB's Rubber gloved fingers, Matron pulls out the Solid Rubber Plug that has been inside Patient AB's pussy and standing over her she takes out the Jennings Gag and replaces it with the Rubber Toy! AB. is made to suck it clean as Matron makes her finger her own pussy with her double layer of Rubber Gloves... 

Matron has taken off the Metal Jennings Gag from her Rubber Slut as she wriggle and writhes around on the operating table... Grabbing a pair of Nipple Clamps, a Gas Masked Matron clamps her waiting erect nipples as she finger fucks her Patient with her Rubber Gloved fingers!!! Watch the slut cumm... Tugging on Patient AB's Nipple Clamps, i watch as she twitches and moans with the pain and please of her Rubber torment and nipple pulling... I finger fuck her at the same time pushing my Lubed, Rubber Gloved fingers deep inside her wet pussy! Then it’s time for some all fours doggy style fucking, with my Rubber Head Harness Cock!!! 

With her hair still dripping wet from their Rubber Piss Games, Patient AB. is ordered to get on all fours while still on top of the Rubber operating table... Once in place Matron opens up her Rubber Catsuited ass cheeks and fucks her wet dripping pussy with a Rubber Cock Harness she has strapped to her head and mouth!!! Great Rubber Fucking action as Matron having pulled off Patient AB's Nipple Clamps, is now pounding her wet pussy with her Rubber Head Harness Cock! Patient AB. just loves this Wet Rubber Fuck as she tells Matron she needs to Piss again! Matron pull out her Rubber Cock and waits for the Golden Shower to start... Sliding out her Latex Cock from Patient AB's gapping pussy, she sprays her hot wet Piss all over Matrons Rubber Hooded face! Watch as the Golden Shower soaks Matron's Rubber as the flow of piss going skywards goes on and on... What a great Piss Sex finish to this film!!!

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