Matrons Piss Fuck Session


Matron & Patient DD.



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Matron has a Plastic Piss session booked in with Patient DD. today, so with them both dressed in layers of clinical Red Rubber Matron wastes little time getting her piss patient to fill her clear Plastic Pants! First however she licks DD's pussy through the soft wet material. Taking off her Rubber Coat and hat, Matron orders Patient DD. on to all fours on the Rubber Clinic Bed then peeling back her Rubber Skirt, Matron watches closely as DD. fills her soft Plastic Pants with piss! Once full Matron pulls them up tight making the piss spill out and the fingers DD. through the plastic pushing her fingers in to her wet pussy...

Having let all the piss out of Patient DD's Plastic Pants, Matron makes her now lie down in the wet Rubber Sheets as she finger fucks her slut through her warm wet Plastic Pants! Matron also slides her huge Rubber Cock in to the waiting mouth of DD. Matron licks the warm wet piss from Patient DD's wet Plastic Pants as she lies on the Rubber Clinic Bed! Pulling the Pants up tight over her pussy Matron makes DD. squirm with delight as she once more licks her pussy through the wet Plastic! Then pulling her pants down to her knees, Matron slams her Rubber Cock deep in to DD's pussy making her scream!!!

Pulling down her pissy wet Plastic Pants, Matron bends Patient DD. over the Rubber bed and exposes her ass and pussy through her Crotchless Rubber Catsuit! Sliding in her Rubber Cock from the Strap-On Cock she is wearing, Matron starts to fuck her Latex clad Patient for all she is worth! Just how deep can Matron go? Look to find out...

With her Piss Soaked Plastic Pants hanging down around her ankles, Matron fucks Patient DD. with her huge Rubber Strap On Cock nice and deep! The Rubber slut wants to cumm so bad but Matron gets her on back laying on the Rubber Sheeted Bed so she can lift up her High Heeled Boots and finish Fucking this Cock Hungry Slut! However the last action of this piss slut is to sit on the floor and suck her juices of the Rubber Cock as Matron pisses all over her Rubber Tits and aching wet pussy!!! A great finish...

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