Outdoor Rubber Lust


Rubber Eva, Rubber Slave:One


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, Fucking, Female Domination, Rubber, Oral


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Anyone who has worn our Chlorinated Rubber will know just how fucking good it feels! Here we have Rubber Bedding, Hoods, Catsuits and my very special Hooded Total Enclosure Suit all chlorinated to make every bit of Rubber on this set super smooth and a joy to have Latex Sex in... I have left my Heavy Rubber slut in his many layers or Thick Rubber long enough, as now it's time to play!!! Sliding on to the Rubber Sheeted Bed I just glide on the Super Soft Chlorinated Rubber as I play with my Rubber Body bagged slave... Grabbing a Rubber Cock Harness I push the Rubber Cock deep in to his mouth which is the only skin I can see from his encased Rubber Hooded face! I un-zip the Rubber bag and let loose his hard cock as I wank it with my Rubber Gloved hands... I slip effortlessly over him as I feel his raging hard cock against my Rubber Catsuited ass... It's time to fit him with a Rubber Cock Harness as I buckle him up and Lube the Rubber Cock I then slide down on it and his face!

I slide a Rubber Cock Harness over my Rubber Slaves head as I open my Rubber Catsuit and plant my very wet pussy down on his Rubber Cock and face! My pussy juices just run out and over his Rubber Gagged mouth and in to his eyes as I fuck him hard from above! I see his hard cock sticking out from the Rubber Sack and lean over to suck it! Luck lucky slave that he is... I can wait no longer! I let my Rubber Catsuited Slave out of his Rubber Body Bag and we fuck hard totally lost in the Black Rubber we are both wearing... For lovers of Heavy Rubber and Out Door Fucking this really is the movie for YOU!!!

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