Piss Soaked VacBed


Matron & Patient AB.


Bondage, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Oral, Vacuum Pumps, Watersports


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Matron has Patient AB. under a Transparent Rubber layer as she introduces her to the Rubber Mattress Vac Bed... Having already Pissed all over her she now turns on the Vacuum Pump and watches as the air gets pulled out and the Rubber layers vacuum packs her body in Tight Latex! Matrons hot wet tongue slides over her Rubber Covered Tits and cunt as AB. fingers her cunt! Matron slides up and down the body of her Rubber Encased Patient AB. as she wriggles and wanks herself under the Transparent Rubber layer that is vacuumed down tight over her Rubber Catsuited Body... Matron stands over her Rubber Vacuumed Patient and pisses on her cunt as AB. wanks herself under the Rubber Sheet and Hot Golden Shower! She just loves the Piss pouring all over her excited Latex body!!!

Still sucked between her Rubber Layers, Patient AB. has the feeling of Huge Titted Matron sliding and licking her way all over her Latex Encased Body... Matron pours her Golden Liquid all over her eager cunt and perky tits as AB. masturbates inside the Vac Bed! Who will need to go next? looking at AB's Full Bladder it looks like she is going to fill her own Rubber Bed... After spending what seems like several hours locked inside her Slippery Wet Rubber vac-bed, Patient AB. is let out by Matron, her bladder is full to bursting so she gets her own back on Matron by giving her a HUGE Golden Shower! Matron guzzles on the hot fresh Urine as she wanks and drinks at the same time! Great Rubber Piss action not to be missed!!!

Matron is totally dishevelled as she takes another long and hard Rubber Golden Shower! watch her drink and guzzle the warm wet liquid as Patient A.B. lets her have her fill! Then a contented full Matron helps her Kinky Rubber Slut takes an Inflatable Rubber Toy and they start to fuck her cunt with it as they both slip and slide around the Urine Soaked Rubber! Now that she is out of the Rubber Mattress Vac Bed AB. slides the Rubber Cock deep inside herself Matron squats over her and empties her bladder on to her Gapping Cunt! This just drives AB. even more wild as Orgasm After Orgasm follows... Great Rubber Clinic Action not to be missed!!!

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