Plastic Lovers Film 14


Sasha, Natalie, Danni & Tony


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Milk Cock, Oral, Plastic, Suspension


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Tied to the St. Andrews cross Natalia can do nothing as a Plastic clad Sasha rubs her hands all over her Shiny PVC Catsuited body! Struggle as she might the Ball Gag keeps her quiet... Sasha takes out Natalia's  Ball Gag but leaves her chained to the cross as she then undoes her Shiny Black PVC Coat! Exposing her cute Black PVC Dress underneath! Then Un-zipping Nat's Catsuit she sets about her exposed nipples... Sasha unzips her Shiny Plastic Catsuit even further and sucks on her hard erect nipples!

Bending over in her tight PVC Dress she exposes Nats wet pussy for a taste!!! There is little Natalie can do as Sasha dressed in a matching Shiny Black PVC Dress finger fucks her and licks her wet pussy! With her craving for pussy juice fulfilled Sasha lets her PVC Catsuited slave down from the cross, lift's up her Plastic Dress and makes her slave lick her wet dripping cunt! What a finish!

Chained to the metal cage by Rubber Bondage Mitts, a Plastic Hooded Tony is left gasping in his PVC Re-Breather Hood! Wearing her soft Plastic Mac Danni teases his hard cock... Bending down she spys his rock hard cock sticking out against the tight Plastic Trousers her is wearing! She rubs him through the Soft Plastic Vinyl with her hands and wet tongue, then it's time to release his cock from the Transparent Blue Plastic and suck him hard!!!

Slipping off her Plastic Mac Danni back in  to her PVC Slave as she lets him fuck her from behind even though he is still chained to the wall via his Rubber Bondage Mitts! She eventually releases him and he fucks her hard in her Plastic Dress and the gets Danni down on her knees in front of him using his Rubber Gloved hands to wank and then shoot  his load all over her waiting mouth, tits and Plastic!!! Great Plastic Fucking Action not to be missed!!!

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SCENE 200:10:42

SCENE 300:09:39

SCENE 400:09:12

SCENE 500:09:46

SCENE 600:08:36

SCENE 700:10:00

SCENE 800:11:38