Plastic Lovers Film 15


Ashlea, Fiona.


, Fucking, Plastic


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Ashlea joins us once again for a new film in which she finds herself in the Plastic bedroom sliding around the Soft PVC Sheets on a four poster bed dressed in a glass purple Plastic Enclosure Suit! Lying back on the Plastic Sheeted Bed Ashlea pulls over a orange Plastic sheet she has, and then opening her PVC Catsuit she covers her face and body in soft smooth Vinyl... Ashlea sucks in the Vinyl aromas as she gets turned on by the Smooth Plastic Catsuit and bedding... Then it's time for some Lube! With her body and tits now soaked in wet Lube, Ashlea zips up her Plastic Total Enclosure Catsuit leaving just a small breathing hole as she lays back and wanks on the Plastic Bed!!! She then fills her wet pussy with an Inflatable Rubber Cock as she starts to fuck herself nice and deep with it!!! Almost Totally Enclosed In Plastic, Ashlea pumps up the Inflatable Rubber Dildo that is now deep inside her wet pussy as she fucks herself hard on the Plastic Sheeted Bed... Sliding on to all fours as she fucks herself hard with the now Inflated Rubber Dildo she is playing with on the Plastic Bed! She fingers her gapping pussy and asshole as she fucks! Then its time to finish herself off with a pulsating Stainless Steel Vibrator! Great Plastic Orgasm finish...

Next up is Fiona as she slides in to the large shower room dressed in layers of Soft Slippery Plastic under her Shiny Plastic Mac! Turning on the shower she slowly starts to get her PVC Clothes nice and wet... Slipping her hands inside her Plastic Pants she grabs a t her tits as she fucks herself hard in the shower!!!

SCENE 100:10:33

SCENE 200:10:56

SCENE 300:11:22

SCENE 400:10:54

SCENE 500:08:11

SCENE 600:09:51