Plastic Lovers Film 16


Sammi & Jay


Boy/Girl Action, Fucking, Milk Cock, Oral, Plastic


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We start off this Plastic Lovers movie with Plastic loving couple Sammi and Jay already dressed while in their soft sumptuous Vinyl Plastic Bed caressing each other through the Plastic Suits they wearing. Sliding around the Plastic Bed, Sammi can't get enough of Jay's cock pressing through his Plastic Jumpsuit, so she rubs her pussy against it as she grinds in to him wanting to fuck!

Having had enough of licking Jays cock through his Plastic Jogging Suit, Sammi un-zips it and grabs his hard member! She slides it in to her waiting mouth as she blows him on the Plastic Bed. Sammi then climbs up over Jay's face on the Plastic Bed and opens up her Plastic Playsuit so he can lick her pussy as the sweat drips on to his Plastic Suit and face!!!

Rolling around on the PVC Bed these two are grabbing at each other’s Plastic clad bodies as Sammi teases Jays hard cock against her Plastic Jogging Suit dripping with sweat... With his cock riding up against her wet pussy, Sammi can't wait to get in inside her again as these two Plastic clad pair start to fuck on the sweaty Plastic Sheeted Bed!

Sammi is riding her man like a woman possessed! She pulls at her sweaty Plastic Catsuit as she fucks him hard! Great Plastic Fucking hardcore action as this pair get really hot and sticky!!! The with an explosive finish, Jay fucks Sammi doggy style on the Plastic Bed ripping her Plastic Playsuit wide open! He pulls out and shoots his load over her PVC covered ass!!!

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