Plastic Lovers Film 17


Sasha & Natalie


Fucking, Girl/Girl Action, Oral, Plastic


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Dressing in Plastic layers of Catsuits and Plastic Capes, these two get up close and personal as they kiss and caress on the Plastic Bed within the boudoir! Sliding off their Plastic Capes, Sasha and Natalie get down to the next tight and smooth Plastic layer! Rolling around on the Plastic Bed they lick and feel each other’s tight Plastic Clad asses on the Plastic Bed, these two Plastic Lovers start wanking each other off through their tight Plastic Jeans and Panties!!!

With their Plastic Macs and Capes now off these two Red Plastic clad lovers settle down on the Plastic Bed for some PVC kissing and caressing as they play with each other... Taking off her Plastic Trousers, Natalie can feel Sasha pushing her tongue and finegrs deep inside her wet cunt as she pulls aside her Plastic Panties on the PVC Bed! Sasha then strips off her Jacket and Bottoms...

With her fingers deep inside Natalie's wet pussy, Sasha pulls back her Plastic Panties to get a better view licking out her cunt at the same time while Natalie writhes around on the Plastic Sheets!!! Natalie just loves sucking and licking pussy especially when wearing soft Smooth Plastic and better still with her friend Sasha on the Plastic Bed! So see what this pair get up to...

Ripping open her Sasha Plastic Pants, Natalie lays back on the PVC bed and gets on the other end of a Double Ender that Sasha is already fucking! Great two girl Plastic Fucking as this pair of Transparent Red Plastic fuckers are both on sharing a Double Ended Dildo as they slide up and down the Plastic Sheeted Bed shuddering from orgasm to the next until they fall in an exhausted heap...

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SCENE 400:07:55

SCENE 5 00:07:59

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