Plastic Lovers Film 19


Danni & Ashlea.


Fucking, Plastic


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Swishing her Plastic Mac and walking in to the grand salon, Ashlea gazes out at the winter weather as she feels her Soft Transparent Plastic layers! Sitting down she feels herself up in PVC! Next Ashlea slips on a pair Plastic gloves, she easies them on with some Silicone Lube and then starts to open her PVC Jacket revealing her Plastic Covered Tits!

With her Plastic gloved hands down her PVC Jeans, Ashlea is rubbing and wanking herself between the layers of Soft Vinyl... She can wait not longer and peels off the Soft Plastic and starts to finger fucking herself inside her Plastic Pants, Ashlea then sits down and slides her Lubed plastic gloved hands in deeper while sucking on a Rubber Cock! Finally she gets her Big Rubber Cock and covers it in Lube and then starts to fuck herself hard in her PVC! Watch as she explodes in a Plastic Lovers orgasm...

Danni strolls in to an attic with some of her favourite Plastic Macs and Plastic Catsuits hanging from the beams... Wearing a blue Plastic Underwear set she drinks in the Plastic aroma! She smells and licks her way around the Plastic Catsuits hanging from the beams in the attic room, Danni is getting so excited she is going to have to choose one to slide on! She can't decide which Plastic Outfit to wear as she inspects all the beautiful Soft Vinyl hanging in the attic!

ventually she picks a Plastic Jogging Suit as she slides it on, then writhing around the floor Danni pushes the ass of her Plastic Vinyl Catsuit to its limits as it clings like a second skin! Breathing in the Vinyl aromas from the suit she is playing with... Now dressed in her super Soft Vinyl Catsuit, Danni lays down on the floor and wanks herself through the Natural Plastic layer... Watch as she cumms in her Plastic Panties to fantastic PVC Orgasm!!!

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