Plastic Nappy Tales 4


Sasha, Theo, Frankie & Akemi.


Fucking, Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Squirting, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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Dressed in Clear PVC Dresses and Plastic Pants,  these two Plastic Piss Sluts are without their nappies today as they fuck about the a dirty old disused male urinal toilet! First Theo starts to finger and fuck Sasha through the Soft Wet Plastic Pants, then hooking her leg up on the urinal, Theo gets a good pussy lick through her PVC Pants! Kissing and fucking Sasha then decides to stand with her legs apart as Theo watches her Fill Her Plastic Pants With Pee! Pulling and pushing the Piss around in her heavy Adult Baby Pants Sasha gets a good wet wank in Plastic! These two PVC Lovers finish up with a "male style" Piss in to the urinal!!! Great Plastic Adult Baby Action!!!

Jessica is wearing Pink Plastic Pants, a nappy and a cute Pink Plastic Dress as she helps Akemi wet her nappy! There is so much pee it spills on to the blue Plastic Bed Sheets they are playing on as Jessica pulls up her all in one nappy which is soaked!!! They climb under the wet Plastic sheets for a cuddle in Pee Soaked Plastic... With these two playing in the soft Baby Blue Plastic sheets. It's just as well as they are spilling their pee all over the sheets!!! But that doesn't stop them rubbing and squeezing the full nappies over each other as they indulge in some kinky wet pee-soaked face sitting...

With Jessica rubbing Akemi all over in wet Plastic Sheets that are now soaked in pee, she Needs A Piss herself! Pulling down her fitted Diaper and pink Plastic Pants, she fills them to over flowing... These two then squelch their Full Wet Diapers as make the pee run all over the Plastic Sheeted Bed!!! Soaked to the skin in their Piss Sodden Nappies and Plastic Pants, watch as the squeeze them and make the wee run all over the plastic bed!, Jessica then decides it's time to take them off and get under the Plastic bed sheets even though they are also soaking wet... Nothing Fake Here! Just 100% Real Nappy and Plastic Pants Wetting!!!

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