Plastic Nappy Tales 5


Baby Ashlea & Baby Sasha


Rubber, Plastic, Watersports


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In a totally PVC Covered play room, Baby A wanders in to start exploring! Some nice clear, and very crinkly giant Plastic Popper Pants will do first. Once they are nicely pulled on over her Fresh Terry Nappy she starts to have a little wee, wee. Phew, those PVC Panties sure helped stop it from going all over Nanny's carpet! Better wait for it all to soak in!... Now its time for Dispoable Diaper and a Frilly Plastic Romper Suit to get herself all clear for her Plastic Nappy day ahead!

Watch as Adult Baby Sash frolics around in her very own Baby's Play-Pen, wearing a baby Pink Rubber Romper, she just enjoys having fun, even if she is on her own.  She looks so cute in all that lovely Pink Rubber! Naughty Baby Sasha has clambered outside of her pen, she starts to take of her Baby Pink Rubber Romper and shows off her cute lil' body... Once down to her Rubber Nappy she just indulges in the sounds and sensations that only Rubber can provide!

Wearing her giant pink rubber nappy over her terry nappy is just the perfect way to spend the afternoon. All those lovely rubbery noises are just the best! It's not long before she needs a wee-wee and she delights in making sure we can all see it going into her lovely pink rubber nappy pants! Watch as she enjoys playing with her absolutely sodden Terry Nappy. It's so heavy and soaked through from all the weeing she did into it. But Baby Sasha doesn't mind and just loves to romp around in her Play-Pen in her cute, favourite Pink Rubber Pants

Baby Ashlea is sound asleep in her giant Plastic Covered Bed . As she slowly wakes up, she pulls back the covers to reveal her cute Pink Plastic Outfit complete with Plastic Nappy and cute Plastic Booties. Ashlea is in no rush to get out of bed and spends some time just enjoying all those lovely Plastic Layers , It's a perfect way to start the day!...

Still frolicking on her Plastic Covered Bed , Baby Ashlea rustles around in her Baby Pink Dress and Nappy. Slowly making her way out of bed, she sits onto of the plastic showing off her cute AB Outfit for all of us... So cute in Plastic Nappy and matching Pink Plastic Booties ... Baby Ashlea can't wait any longer! Straight away she pulls down her Plastic Nappy and lets all that lovely warming wee wee flow away... and it flows... for ages. So much of it comes out, she decides to pull up her sodden nappy to soak it all up. She squishes it all about before relaxing back on the giant Plastic Bed and enjoying her cute Baby Outfit again... She lays back and enjoys herself as it soaks in to her huge Plastic Pants and Terry Nappy  rolling around on her giant Plastic Bed before climbing into it for a nice nap... even thou it's a little bit soggy now! Oops...

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