Plastic Vac Bed Fuckers


Rubber Eva & Rubber Slave: One


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Rubber, Oral, Plastic, Vacuum Pumps


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I have just got one of my rooms ready and decked out in glorious soft Plastic ready for some hard Plastic Vac Bed games... My Rubber Catsuited and Hooded sex slave is already inside the fitted mattress covered Vac Bed! I slide all over him in my super soft Chlorinated Rubber Catsuit which doesn't stick to the soft Vinyl Sheeting at all. I rub and suck his huge cock before turning on the hoover to suck in him in tight Clear PVC!!!

Sliding around the soft Lubed Plastic bed I rub my Rubber slaves cock as it hard hot shape pushes out against the tight PVC... Then climbing up his encased Plastic body I sit firmly on his face as my Rubber Catsuited ass slides up and down his head as his eager tongue pokes out from his breathing hole to lick my Latex Ass!!! It's nearly time to switch on the vacuum but first I want to feel his wet tongue on my Rubber!

With my Rubber Catsuited slave inside his Transparent Plastic layers it's time for him to try a Plastic Re-Breather Bag as I attach it to his mouth hole! I wank him through the Lubed plastic sheet watching his Plastic bag go up and down! I then swap his Plastic Bag for my rubbery ass and cunt once more as I facesit this Vacuumed packed slut!

It's time to get my Rubber Slave out of his Plastic Vac Bed as I make him stand and wank while I play with the Plastic Body Bag he is going to go inside! Sliding him inside I Lube the PVC so he can slide his Rubber Body around its interior more easily as I suck on his huge hard cock!!! Pulling on a Plastic Re-Breather Hood I slide my we dripping pussy on to his cock and have a Fucking Breathless Orgasm as I cumm several times before letting him shoot his load all over my Shiny Rubber ass!!! Great Plastic Fucking action for fans of Plastic, B.P. Games and Rubber!!!

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