Pregnant Rubber Piss Sluts


Matron, Patient AB & Patient J.


Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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Matron has two of her favourite patients in for a day at The Rubber Clinic! One however is heavily pregnant!!! Patient J. still can't get enough pissy wet Rubber fun as she lies on some Plastic Sheets with Patient AB. in the clinic... As a Transparent Rubber clad Matron takes charge of them both! Matron has to be careful warming up her Rubber Catsuited pregnant Patient J. as she slides her slippery Rubber Gloved fingers in to both her and Patient AB. before she grabs her Rubber Strap-On Cock! The Plastic Sheets on the bed will be needed also as later these two get down to some kinky pregnant Pissing games...

Still having a heavily pregnant Patient J and Piss Slut Patient AB. taking a Rubber Gloved finger fuck each as they lie on the Plastic Sheeted Bed she has prepared for them... Now this pair of Rubber clad Patients are warmed up, Matron starts to fuck Patient AB. with her Strap-On as J. watches and waits for her turn... Matron is slamming in her Huge Black Rubber Cock in to Patient AB. and the heavily pregnant Patient J. squats over her and gives a face full of Golden Showers!

As these two fuck they watch as J. fingers her fucks her cunt with her Rubber Gloved fingers and Dildo, opening herself up for a hard preggy Rubber Fuck while Patient AB. sucks on her Rubber covered milky tits as she is now on top of Rubber clad Matron! The finale is yet more Golden Liquid being poured from Matrons Rubber Piss Pants, in to the waiting mouths of her Rubber Piss Sluts! What a finish, one not to be missed Rubber Piss fans...

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