RH Clinical Torment


Matron, Patient J. & Patient RH.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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Matron has placed Patient RH. in his Inflatable Rubber Body Bag and has attached a Rubber Tube and piss bottle to his Rubber Gas Mask! The inhaler bubbles away with each breath as RH. takes in Matrons Piss aromas! She uses the vibrating bubbling piss to excite her as she lifts her Rubber Apron and turns herself on... Patient RH looks out from his Rubber Gasmask as Matron plays with his piss bottle and she teases him standing over his Latex Encased Body and rubbing the bubbling bottle of Piss against her Rubber covered wet cunt... What will she do next?

Putting the bottle to the side of the Rubber Hospital bed, she slides his hard cock from The Rubber Body Bag and grabs it with her Rubber Gloved hands and starts to give him a slow but firm blow job! Then it's time for matron to slide over a large Suction Pump to his waiting hard cock as it sticks out from his Rubber Body Bag! Pumping away with her Rubber Gloved hands she watches as the cock gets swollen even further as the air gets sucked out!!! Happy that it is as hard as she can get it, it's now time for some Stainless Steel Dilators to be applied! Not for the faint hearted as he is wanked and made to cumm with the cold Stainless Steel still inside him...

Bending Patient J. over the electric Rubber couch in the clinic, Matron first finger fucks her Piss Slut with her black Rubber Fingers making this bitch nice and wet for the huge Rubber Cock that is sticking out of her Long Rubber Skirt! Watch as J. gets fucked nice and deep with some hard Rubber Fucking!!! Matron and Patient J. then team up to take care of RH. who has on a specially adapted Plastic Piss Hood! It has been inflated with both air and the Piss from Matron and J fill it via two funnels... Pulling up the Hood from his Plastic BreathPlay Suit they swish the piss around his Plastic covered face! Then a Plastic clad and Piss Hooded Patient RH. gets out of his wheelchair and empties the piss from Matron and Nurse J. on to his Cock as he pisses in to Matrons pussy! Matron almost orgasms on the spot as J wanks as she watches on... Matron then squeezes the piss from his Plastic Hood as she drinks from the tap attached to it! What a finish!!! 

RH. is locked inside a thick Rubber Body Bag while he lies on the Rubber Mattress in the piss slab room. A heavy Rubber Layered Matron appears and sees his hard cock sticking out of the hole in the bag! She immediately wants that stiff cock in her Rubber Gloved hands and mouth... Sucking his hard cock Matron slips off her Rubber Jogging Suit and her thick Rubber Gauntlets as she then climbs up on to the slab and pours her piss all over RH's cock as it sticks out of his Body Bag! With mouthfuls of piss she sucks his cock once more as she sits on his Rubber Hooded face... With his Rubber Anesthesia Hood on, RH. can feel the weight of Matron as she opens up her Rubber Bloomers and squats over his breathing hole... Having already soaked him and his Rubber Body Bag in Piss! she leans forward and grabs his hard cock! It’s not long before she has it in her mouth again!!! What an ending for RH. in this session! Matron has sucked him, pissed on him and now she is going to fuck him!!! RH. is still is locked inside his thick Rubber Body Bag and can see little out of his Anaesthesia Hood as Matron slides down on to his waiting stiff cock, as she fucks him for all he's worth! Finishing up with yet more piss!

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