RH Wet Anal Session


Matron & Patient RH.


Anal, Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, Fucking, Female Domination, , Milk Cock, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Watersports


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RH. has been waiting patiently while sat on a Gyno Chair, his wait is over as Matron strolls in with her Stainless Steel Toys! She has already filled RH's ass with a Metal Plug as the hook also comes out of his ass and surrounds his Cock and Balls! With his cock nice and hard Matron slides in a Vibrating Sound making him almost cumm on the spot!!! Still sucking on his red hot cock, Matron gives her Rubber Hooded Patient a tit rub as she pulls his head in between her Huge Rubber Tits... Taking off her Rubber Gown she has already filled the Stainless Steel bowl under his gyno chair with Piss and splashes it into her mouth and over his Clamped Balls and Cock as she Drinks Piss and sucks his cock at the same time! Great Watersports Action!!!

Having now both emptied their bladders, Matron has a full bowl of Piss to use in her Kinky Rubber Piss Drinking games... She grabs a large Plastic syringe and fills it, then grabbing RH's cock she squirts the Golden Liquid up over his Rubber Hooded Face making him drink it! However she also wanks a drink so leans forward to join in the Golden Shower Fun drinking in the Piss!!!

Next Matron holds a glass Urinal between her Rubber Bloomers and fills it with Hot Wet Piss! Holding open RH'S Rubber Hood, she makes him drink it all up! Hear him gurgle the Warm Golden Liquid down his full throat... Matron makes sure he has swallowed it all as she slams her Rubber Strap On Cock deep in to his mouth!!! Raising the Rubber Gyno Couch it's time for RH's Ass To Be Filled, but first he needs to empty his bladder! Matron kneels in front of him and takes a Huge Golden Shower, She drinks and rubs the Piss all over her Rubber Covered Tits and face... Now finally it's time for RH. to get fucked!!!

Matron takes out his Stainless Steel Ass Intruder and Fingers His Ass with her Rubber Gloved fingers. She tries to fist the Rubber Slut but his ass is too tight! So grabbing her Huge Rubber Cock she fucks him hard, wanking him as she slams the 12 inch cock as deep as it will go!!! RH. is allowed at last after his Anal Fuck to shoot his hot load all over Matrons Rubber Hood and mouth! What a finish and a must for any Rubber Anal Piss fans...

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