Rubber Diaper Twins


Matron, Patient AB, Patient J.


Bondage, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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Patient J. with her Rubber Covered bump is encased in Transparent Rubber as she lays on one of the Rubber Beds that Matron has laid out for her in The Rubber Clinic... Wriggling around in her Latex Cocoon she watches as a Plastic Dressed Patient AB. come in to the room! Her Rubber Gloved hands are soon all over her body as J. wonders what Adult Baby fun is in store...

Patient J. is still wriggling inside her Transparent Rubber Body Bag but can't say much as the Rubber Gag Harness is filling her mouth, but she will soon feel the wet pussy juices of her fellow Patient dripping down her face... With her Rubber Body Bag heavy with Piss, Patient J. is getting splashed all over by AB. and Matron who are waiting for the next Golden Shower! While they wait Matron pushes her head deep in to the sloshing Rubber bag and takes a mouthful of urine as she drinks some and squirts some over J's gapping cunt! Then J's flow starts and Matron dives in to take a Pissy wet shower...

Matron lets her wet Rubber Piss Sluts watch as she pulls up her Long Rubber Skirt and fills up a waiting metal bowl with her Urine! Then taking Patient AB. by the hand she leads her over to another Latex couch away from Patient J. who is still writhing around in her Rubber Body Bag... Matron gives AB. a really good hard Rubber Finger Fuck as J. pisses first on her Rubber and then in to Matrons mouth!!!

Matron takes handfuls of Piss in her Rubber Gloved hands and pours over AB's cunt as she spreads her lips nice and wide letting the piss inside her! Matron has a glass Dummy that acts as a Dildo, as Matron plugs her Rubber Sluts cunt! Then Matron being a traditionalist gets a Terry Nappy and pins and then gets Patient AB. Diapered! Once her Cloth Nappy is in place it's time for her Plastic Pants to go over the top! Matron shakes out the Plastic Pants that she is about to pull up over Patient AB's Terry Nappy! She pulls them in to her Rubber Hooded Face to get a waft of the Plastic aromas... She then encases AB's Nappy with them and makes her stand at the end of the bed where a Wet Pregnant Patient J. is lying in her Piss! Matron pours in a bowl of Hot Piss to Fill Her Nappy!

Transparent Rubber clad Matron, with the help of her now very Wet Diapered Patient AB. get J. in to her Terry Cloth Nappy and Rubber Popper Pants! Once done they play with J. for a while before Matron gets AB. to kneel on the floor and lift up her Plastic Dress and pull open her Plastic Pants and Wet Terry Nappy! Watch as Matron Fills Her Diaper to overflowing!!! Great Golden Shower Action!!!

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