Rubber Titted Anal Bitch


Rubber Eva & Rubber Slave: One


Anal, Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Rubber, Strap-On, Oral


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I have left my Rubber Slave inside a Tight Fitting Rubber Body Bag on the long dining room table and to make him comfortable I have put this on a Rubber Mattress... Under his layers of Latex he has on a Rubber Catsuit With Tits! Plus with a Rubber Cock Sheath up his ass which I will fuck him with later! But first he gets a Rubbery Blow Job!!! I feel his Huge Tits through the Rubber as I slide his cock deep in to my wet waiting mouth...

Still playing with my Rubber Slave's hard cock that is sticking out of the penis hole in his Rubber Body Enclosure Sack, I let him rub his cock over my huge Rubber covered tits before sliding up the table and grabbing a Rubber Tube and Rubber Re-Breather Bag that fits perfectly to his Anaesthesia Mask he is wearing inside the bag! Now it's time to see how long he can go with his Rubber bag... I watch my Rubber Titty Slut inside her Rubber Enclosure Bag as the Rubber Bag goes up and down as I suck on her Sissy Sluts cock! Squeezing the bag I make it a tricky prospect to inhale and exhale hee hee... Poor little Rubber Anal Bitch I can hear her begging me let her out!

I relent to my good nature and un-zip the Rubber Bag open so I can get my Huge Titted Slut out of her Latex Encasement! I sit her on the edge of the table Caressing her Silicone Tits and playing with her pathetic cock... Now its time for some Rubber Strap -On Fucking Fun! Bending my Rubber Catsuited Slut over the edge of the table I ram my Huge Rubber Cock right up her ass! She moans like the bitch she is as I fuck her deep and hard!!! Great Anal Fucking for those whole love Rubber Fucking and Total Enclosure this surely is a must! Lastly I let her wank and Spunk Over My Tits as I kneel down in front of her in my Rubber Military Catsuit... What a finish!!!

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