Rubber Vac Bed Fuck


Rubber Eva, Rubber Slave: One.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, , Fucking, Female Domination, , Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Rubber, Oral, Plastic, Vacuum Pumps


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Having found one of my extra large Rubber Vac Beds that I hadn't used for ages, I decided it's time for my Rubber Sex Slave to try this special one out! He has on a matching transparent Rubber Gasmasked T.E. Suit which is the same colour as the bed! With his head and his hard cock sticking out form the Lubed Rubber I soon get very excited indeed! As does he when my wet mouth start to suck his hard long cock... I just love talking dirty to my Rubber Slave as he slithers and slides inside his Wet Lubed Rubber Vac Bed! His cock is rock hard as I wank him and tease him... I play with his Nipples as I flick and squeeze them, he just loves it as his Cock Gets Stiffer!!! I wander over to the side of the room and look at the array of Plastic Hoods I have ready for him as his Rubber Gas Masked head pops out from his Latex Cocoon...

My Rubber Slave can only watch as I slide over his Double Layered Plastic Hood, he fucking loves it as his Rubber Gas Masked Head gets covered in Buttery Soft Plastic! I have Lubed it so it goes Glass Clear! Now I get up on top of him and use my Rubber Toes to wank his hard cock as it sticks out from the Rubber Bed! Great action for Rubber Foot Fetish fans!!! It's now time to turn on the Vacuum, watch as the Transparent Rubber sucks down on to his Rubber Catsuited Body! Once fully vacuumed I slide some Lube in to my Rubber Sheathed Catsuit and start to ride my Rubber Sex Slave... He is unable to do anything but watch me ride him in my we See Through Latex. I too slide on a Double Layered Plastic Hood as my pussy explodes with The Rubber Sheath and cock inside me!  I quiver and shake in my Rubber and Plastic as I orgasm hard, however I have yet to feel the spunk dripping from my pussy so I jump off the bed and wank my slave until he Squirts His Cumm all over The Rubber Bed! What a finish...

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