The Plastic Piss Patient


Matron & Pateint AB.


, Fucking, Female Domination, , Girl/Girl Action, Gas Mask, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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If you love Plastic Piss Sex then this film is definitely for you! Matron has her Plastic and piss loving Patient AB. in the Clinic ward, she has left her for some time lying in her Rubber and Plastic Sheeted Bed, so she het wet herself in the Plastic Pants she has on over her Rubber Outfit...

Matron appears in her Danish Rubber Gasmask Catsuit and pull back the duvet to see what her Kinky Rubber Slut has done during her time there. It's not long before Matron has her head under the Plastic Pants splashing the Piss over her face and Rubber Hood as she drinks in the aroma of piss and pussy juices!!! Matron then give her Patient a Plastic Piss shower as she squats over her and refills her Plastic Pants!

Its then time for some hard and deep Rubber Dildo fucking as these piss soaked pair get down to some more pissing and Wet Rubber Fucking! Patient AB. slides on some Rubber Gloves and then tries to Fist Fuck Matron as she pushes in deep with all her fingers! But Matron just keeps her on the edge as she loves the stretching of her cunt under her wet Rubber Bloomers...

They finish up with even more Golden Showers both on and off the bed as these two Plastic Piss lovers finish in a wet heap in the clinic after their mammoth kinky Piss Fuck session!!!

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