Tormented Rubber Gyno


Matron, Patient DD. Patient RH. Patient J. and Patient AB.


Bondage, Boy/Girl Action, Catheters, Fucking, Female Domination, Girl/Girl Action, Gas Mask, Milk Cock, Piss Drinking, Rubber, Squirting, Strap-On, Oral, Plastic, Watersports


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There are three mind blowing Gyno-Chair scenes here in this film and we start off with a fierce Rubber fisting and piss drinking session with Matron and Patient DD. as Matron pisses on the floor in to a bowl DD. pisses in to her Rubber Piss Pants as Matron licks and sucks the piss from the Rubber Pants... Then undoing her Rubber Straight Jacket Matron fists dd. as hard and as deep as she is able with her Rubber Gloved hands and then with a hard rubber fist toy! A must for gyno fisting fans...

Then its RH's time to be Nipple Clamped and sucked and use a steel dilator rod that is thrust down his cock as Matron milks him to an explosive orgasm! Lots of Plastic and Rubber piss games before this and RH. is left inside his Inflatable Rubber Hood wondering just what has happened to him...

To finish we have a double gyno chair session with Patients J. and AB. as these identically dressed pair in matching Rubber Catsuits layers, Bloomers and Hoods get everything from balloon catheter treatments to piss drinking from Matrons leg bags, and of course some hard fucking! Matron takes two huge pisses in the face and mouth from Patient AB. as she slides around the piss soaked Rubber Clinic floor... What a finish!


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SCENE 400:10:51

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SCENE 600:15:30

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